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When is the right time to practice outdoor yoga? What do I need to prepare for outdoor yoga?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

When is the right time to practice outdoor yoga? Outdoors should choose an open, quiet place, fresh air can be attentive-it can be said that yoga is very suitable for outdoor.

Outdoor yoga does not specify a specific exercise time, but in general, you need to choose when the air quality is good. Under normal circumstances, every evening is a suitable time for outdoor yoga.

Outdoor yoga has been popular abroad for many years. Many people go to Nepal to do yoga towards the Himalayas and worship with the rising sun; romantic like the Greeks are beside the Aegean Sea, listening to the sound of the waves stretching; if you want to have a thousand people experience in the metropolis, you must not miss it The annual yoga feast in Times Square, New York, USA. Compared to indoor yoga, the benefits of just getting outside are endless. Many studies have confirmed that outdoor activities not only help reduce obesity, but also effectively release stress and stabilize the autonomic nervous system.

Outdoor yoga allows practitioners to feel the artistic conception, while breathing fresh air, soothing the body and mind. Practicing yoga outdoors can help practitioners better achieve meditation, adjust breathing, relax the body and mind, and through different posture exercises with correct breathing, better regulate the nervous system and purify the blood, thereby relieving anxiety and enhancing physical fitness. Staying outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle, indulge in yoga to stretch your body, so that the worries and stress in your life will be wiped away in the breeze. Under the stars and in the moonlight, everyone uses the graceful yoga postures to temper their bodies and return to their original flexibility...

Yoga non-slip towel

What to prepare for outdoor yoga

1. Prepare a large shopping bag that can hold all the outdoor yoga tools, and you can go out with the belt.

2. Prepare a non-slip drape under the non-slip yoga mat to prevent the yoga mat from being soiled by dirt, water and dust. You can choose a yoga towel like my one laid on the grass. The size is large enough, and the online purchase is less than 20 yuan. If it is dirty, just rinse it with water and save the trouble of cleaning the yoga mat.

3. Prepare a bottle of mosquito repellent water, spray it on your body before practice to avoid mosquito bites, and focus on practice.

4. Prepare a towel to wipe sweat, a bottle of water, and a jacket. You can put on a jacket to avoid cold when resting in a stand-up style. You can drink a little water when you are thirsty after rest, but it is better to drink water after half an hour after practicing yoga.

5. Because the pores are open when practicing yoga, the outdoor wind is relatively large, if the weather is relatively cold, wear long-sleeved trousers to prevent cold from entering the body. If you want to take pictures beautifully, you can put on a nice little bra inside, take off your coat when taking pictures, and put them on immediately after taking pictures to avoid cold.

6. Prepare a tripod, choose a quieter place with few people, and fix the position of the hand frame on the tripod. The whole yoga mat can be lowered horizontally, and the height of standing and raising hands can be lowered vertically. This size can shoot people Larger, the pose is clearer.

7. When practicing, first meditate and adjust your breath, eliminate external interference, and enter a state of unity of mind and body, and then start formal practice. It is better not to directly pose. First use the sun salutation to warm up and open the body several times to avoid injury. After warming up, turn on the phone video Video, you can start the asana.

Yoga non-slip towel

The benefits of outdoor yoga, the feeling and beauty of outdoor yoga.

Outdoor yoga is also called pure oxygen yoga. It allows yoga practitioners to listen to melodious music in a quiet environment, while enjoying the physical and mental pleasure brought by yoga, while breathing the full oxygen in the yoga field. The high oxygen content in the natural air makes people take a deep breath consciously, which helps increase cardiopulmonary function. Secondly: There is less noise in nature, so people can listen more attentively, forget trivial matters, and purify the soul. Third, it is easier to open your chest when climbing high and looking into the distance or resting by the water, so as to relieve tension and exhaustion, and achieve the effect of relaxing the muscles and activating the body and mind.

Many women now like to practice yoga, because yoga has many benefits, you can lose weight, you can also exercise. The important thing is that you can practice at home. In fact, outdoor yoga is better than indoor practice. Especially if you practice yoga in a natural environment, you can combine man and nature, and you can breathe fresh air. In ancient times, yoga practitioners practiced yoga in the forest, which can also make their own hearts. Calm, the most important thing when practicing yoga is to be quiet!

Yoga can cultivate the body, reduce psychological pressure, and also play a role in shaping and losing weight. It emphasizes the unity of body and mind, and emphasizes the balance between body and soul. Its high level is to let people throw away their troubles and feel happy. In addition, yoga can also beautify the body, correct the spine deformation caused by daily fatigue or bad sitting posture, improve bad posture, enhance self-confidence, stretch the muscle system, make the human body beautiful, and have the effect of weight loss. It can also prevent headaches, insomnia, Constipation, gastroenteritis, arthritis and other diseases.

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Phone: 0769-82184557

Mobile phone: 13549407600

Address: No. 19, Ba Alley, Jiuzui New District, Jiumenzhai, Humen Town, Dongguan City

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