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How to use a yoga towel

2019-05-22 11:40:18

How to use a yoga towel, what are the details to pay attention to when using it?

With the improvement of people's living standards and awareness of health preservation, many people have begun to practice yoga. When practicing yoga, yoga drape is indispensable, so how to use yoga drape?

When the yoga towel is used, the particle side should be facing up, so that the foot will not slip when stepping on it. Many acupuncture points of the human body are concentrated on the feet. When practicing yoga, the particles on the feet and the towel continuously Contact and friction are equivalent to massaging, which can promote the blood circulation of the human body and strengthen the physical fitness.

Anti-slip yoga towel

Whether it is summer or winter, after practicing yoga, you have at least 10 minutes of rest. After the body exercises, you will sweat a lot. If you don't cover something, you can easily get sick. At this time, the soft side of the yoga towel is next to the body and covers the body to absorb sweat and keep warm. When practicing yoga, if your knees are sore, you can fold the yoga towel and place it underneath. However, be careful to touch the side without particles.

When doing some lying down or lying on your back, the yoga drape can be folded into a strip to make your head and neck more comfortable. At the same time, after a yoga class, the body is basically watery. However, the composition of the yoga towel is ultra-fine fiber, which has strong sweat absorption ability. Even if the yoga towel particles are facing upward, sweat will be absorbed by the towel along the particles.

The yoga towel can be used to absorb sweat and slip on the yoga mat. However, the yoga towel must be placed correctly, otherwise the effect will not be achieved. The correct laying method is to contact the surface with glue dots on the yoga mat.

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Phone: 0769-82184557

Mobile phone: 13549407600

Address: No. 19, Ba Alley, Jiuzui New District, Jiumenzhai, Humen Town, Dongguan City

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