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  • Exquisite quality

    The raw material is composite PU natural imported rubber, which is odorless, wear-resistant, and dynamic rebound, which allows the body to decompress in a balanced manner and fits the joints 360°

  • Personalized Customization

    Two-color customization, two-color products use white glue instead of compound glue, which is pollution-free, odorless, and harmless to humans

  • High Energy Production

    Fast delivery, strict quality inspection, manual quality inspection (pores, stains) + machine quality inspection (metal detector) double guarantee

  • Quality Service

    If the product has quality problems, it will be returned or replaced, and someone will handle it within 2 hours. You can visit the factory for inspection during the production process

Application Area

The utility model can be used for multi-purpose, outdoor outing in public places, etc

  • YOGA ROOM瑜伽室

    Yoga mats are laid on the bottom when practicing yoga. Yoga mats are divided into traditional yoga mats and upright yoga mats; traditional yoga mats are yoga mats without lines; upright yoga mats are yoga mats with lines, not only traditional yoga mats The general function can also guide the practice of more scientific and accurate yoga asanas.



    Cover the blanket if you need it to keep warm, you can cover it; if you need it to prevent stains, you can spread it on the bed sheet; if you need it to increase the beauty of the house, match it well, just follow your habits .


  • Outdoor Outing户外旅行

    Picnic mats are an indispensable picnic tool during outdoor outings. The choice of picnic mats is mainly based on the size and functionality. If you are going to the grassland, remember to lay a thicker moisture-proof mat to prevent moisture and cold.



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During the production process, you can visit the factory for inspection at any time

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Dongguan Chaozhong anti slide cloth Co., Ltd

Dongguan Chaozhong Zhislip Cloth Co., Ltd. is located near the Humen Cloth Market (5 kilometers away, about 10 minutes by car). It is a professional manufacturer of yoga towels, non-slip yoga mats, non-slip towels, sports non-slip towels, silicone non-slip mats, and plastic drops. A production-oriented enterprise that processes cloth, plastic cloth, anti-slip cloth, non-slip cloth, self-heating cloth, glue cloth, and glue cloth processing... [View details]


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