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Is yoga suitable for practicing in bed? Yoga mats must be used for yoga?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Can yoga be practiced in bed? Can yoga be practiced every day?

Generally speaking, yoga can be practiced in bed, especially before going to bed. However, the effect of practicing yoga on a yoga mat may be greatly reduced compared with that of a yoga mat. Because the bed is softer, it may be deformed when doing yoga movements. Situation, thus failing to achieve the purpose of exercise.

Yoga postures use ancient and easy-to-master techniques to improve people's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual abilities. It is a way of exercise that achieves the harmony and unity of body, mind and spirit, including body posture and breathing methods. , Mind-adjusting meditation, etc. to achieve the unity of body and mind. It is okay to practice yoga on the bed, but because the bed space is not very large, you need to pay attention to some related matters when doing yoga on the bed. At the same time, you should also choose a few movements suitable for doing yoga at home, because not all yoga movements are suitable Made on the bed.

However, because the bed is softer than the yoga mat, the effect of practicing yoga on the bed is also discounted. Yoga needs a harder and stable place. Fortunately, a yoga mat is laid on the ground to practice. If the venue is too soft, it will affect the stability and standard of yoga movements, and it is also easy to cause harm to the body. In addition, some of the yoga movements are actually more difficult, requiring higher flexibility for the human body. In addition, some people with spine diseases have some movements that are not suitable for doing. If you are not careful, it is easy to make I was injured, but some simple, introductory movements, such as beam angle, western medicine, sitting angle, etc., can be done in bed.

Yoga mat

Do you have to use a yoga mat for yoga?

It is not necessary to practice yoga on a yoga mat. Generally speaking, some relatively simple asanas can be completed without a yoga mat, but if it is more complicated, it is better to use a yoga mat, because it can avoid injury.

A yoga mat is a mat laid underneath when practicing yoga. It has uniform particles on the surface, full of bubbles, soft to the touch, non-toxic, tasteless (except natural rubber), non-slip, strong resilience, and has strong tear resistance. , Is the best choice for yoga practitioners. In addition, the yoga mat can effectively block the cold on the ground, has a strong grip, and has a good affinity with human skin, so other fitness exercises or daily activities can also be performed on it.

Real yogis have high requirements for their yoga mats, because it is it who has more physical contact on the yoga path, it is it that stays with it for a long time, and it is it that understands the practice. Every practitioner has a very familiar and intimacy with his yoga mat, just like a certain part of his body. With a good yoga mat, practitioners are even more comfortable. As long as they are correctly aware of a movement, they will be familiar with placing their bodies on accurate signs in the future, with their eyes closed, and practice correct yoga quickly and accurately every day. Asanas, day after day, right becomes a habit!

How to choose a yoga mat

1. The pressure resistance and elasticity of the yoga mat are very important. When choosing, you can use your thumb and index finger to pinch the mat for a good test. If the mat is sunken, do not buy it.

2. When buying a yoga mat, remember to bring an eraser, because you can use the eraser to wipe the mat to see if the mat is easily damaged.

3. The surface of the yoga mat is dry with residual foaming agent. It is easy to slip and fall during practice. In order to avoid this, check it carefully and touch it with your hand.

4. As a beginner, you should choose a thicker yoga at the beginning. The recommended thickness is 6mm. After you learn the basic skills, you can change to a mat with a thickness of 3.5mm-5mm.

5. Compared with traditional yoga mats made of PVC, environmentally friendly yoga mats mixed with natural latex and hemp, although the price is slightly higher, are better for the human body and the environment. Consider it when the economy permits.

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Phone: 0769-82184557

Mobile phone: 13549407600

Address: No. 19, Ba Alley, Jiuzui New District, Jiumenzhai, Humen Town, Dongguan City

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