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In which industries are silicone anti-slip mats used?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

Silicone anti-slip mats are made of silica gel, which have anti-slip properties, are soft and waterproof, have strong anti-slip effects, and are resistant to mildew and moisture. In fact, silicone anti-slip mats are very common in our daily lives, so silicone anti-slip mats can be used In which industries?

According to its functional classification, it can be divided into mobile phone anti-slip mat, car anti-slip mat, bathroom anti-slip mat, yoga anti-slip mat, and cup anti-slip mat. However, PVC anti-slip mats, PU anti-slip mats and silicone anti-slip mats generally appear on the market. The advantages and disadvantages and prices of different materials are also different. Their functions are roughly the same, but the outstanding performance of silicone pads is resistance to high and low temperatures, soft material, and electrical insulation. Because of their physiological inertness and strong resistance to biological aging, it uses the principle of negative ions and will not cause viscose. favorite.

Silicone anti-slip mat

The anti-slip ability of silicone anti-slip mats is more than 3 times that of ordinary anti-slip mats, so it is also loved by various industries. Dongguan Chaozhong Anti-slip Mat Co., Ltd. can be used in elastic mats, needle punched non-woven mats, spunlace PP non-woven mats, T/C mats, pongee mats, warp knitting mats, sail mats, Oxford mats, polar fleece, twill mats and other fabrics are processed on anti-slip mats. New products can also be developed according to customer requirements . We not only produce traditional PVC plastic drip pads, but also environmentally friendly dot plastic pads and silicone anti-slip pads.

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Phone: 0769-82184557

Mobile phone: 13549407600

Address: No. 19, Ba Alley, Jiuzui New District, Jiumenzhai, Humen Town, Dongguan City

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