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Tie-dye sports non-slip towel

Tie-dye sports non-slip towel

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Tie-dye yoga non-slip towel


superfine fiber


About 500g



Product description: The product is made of superfine fiber material, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and there are environmentally friendly anti-skid particles on the front. The rubber particles on the yoga towel are full, round, strong, strong, anti-skid, and the seaming line is beautiful with eight high-elastic polyester threads. Durable. There are non-slip rubber particles on the back, which can make the drape fixed on the mat without sliding, effectively assisting the stretching and balance of yoga exercises, and improving exercise safety and comfort. During exercise, the bumps and bumps of the rubber particles have a good massage effect on the soles and backs of the feet and promote blood circulation. Lightweight, versatile, easy to carry, machine washable, easy to clean.

Application Field

Portable yoga mats are light-weight and easy to hit. For outdoor yoga, mountain yoga, seaside yoga, hot yoga, etc., if it is not very convenient to bring ordinary PVC yoga mats, you can bring a towel and spread it on the ground, grass, or beach. On the top, lay the grain face down, and you can easily do yoga on top;

Sports non-slip towel

Sports non-slip towel

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Phone: 0769-82184557

Mobile phone: 13549407600

Address: No. 19, Ba Alley, Jiuzui New District, Jiumenzhai, Humen Town, Dongguan City

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